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8 week marketing accelerator programme

The 8 week Ignite your Practice with Marketing Programme helps overwhelmed healthcare business owners communicate and attract their ideal customers in ways that bring more sales to their business.

What is stopping you from growing your practice?

Do you think your Marketing is working for you?

When it comes to marketing, you have been trying different strategies but they aren’t working for your practice as you expected.

You are spending valuable time and money on social media, events, content marketing, online campaigns, but nothing really happened?


Is this programme for you?

YES, if you are an overwhelmed healthcare business owner or marketer looking to communicate and attract your ideal customers in order to bring more sales to your practice.

attract more clients
in less time

We will help you create a plan that is going to bring more clients to your business, with no hassle and in less time. 

gain more business focus

We know you are very busy managing your business, so with this programme you will learn how to run a more effective marketing that will help you stay focus on the business management.

grow & scale
your business

The main goal of this marketing accelerator programme is to help you achieve your business goals, to continue growing and scaling up.

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We'll show you how to attract more patients to your practice with Marketing that works

This programme is for you if are: ​

1 %
Healthcare Business owners

If you are an ambitious healthcare business owner who wants to  generate more clients 

1 %
Healthcare Marketers

if you are a motivated healthcare marketer looking for help and support to generate better results with proven tactics, this is the programme for you!

8 week programme ​


Craft your brand message and define your USP´s (Unique Selling Proposition)


How to define your Ideal clients or buyer personas and where to find them (channels)


Setting SMART Objectives and working on your strategic plan.


Lead generation strategies
(Lead magnets and other tactics to attract leads) Getting creative copy for videos and landing pages


Understanding customer journey.
How to create effective funnels.
Video Animation Masterclass.


What are the best strategies for your business and how to choose them according to our goals and budget (PPC, SEO, email marketing etc…)


How to define an effective Content Strategy (Social Media)
Tips and tasks for content creation.


How to create an effective action plan and how to execute and measure it.



Toni Navarro

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant and Entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience supporting business internationally.My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners thrive with their businesses in this digital era, by investing their money effectively, becoming more productive and generating more sales to them.

He has experience working with healthcare businesses from Spain and the UK, such us: physios, dentists,


Kim Emson

Kim is an animation marketing wiz. She conveys complex topics in a simple way, with her brilliant animations.
1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video. After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product or service. Kim is an expert in the health and care sector; engaging the viewer and turning views into leads.

Choose the perfect plan for you

The main objective of the programme is to offer you the best support and advice so you can grow your business faster. You can choose the best option that works for you!

£ 599


£ 799


£ 1299


Frequently asked questions

We work with business owners from any healthcare business that is willing to take action and invest to grow the business. (Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, among others)

It’s a scalable method which means it is equally powerful regardless if you are big, medium or small in size.

It’s for you if you are finally ready to get off the “Hamster Wheel” and build a business that can run itself. (Meaning your business truly supports your life & your goals…instead of requiring that you give your entire life to the business in order for it to continue operating).

1-2-1 weekly calls with the hosts Toni and Kim, so personalised marketing advice from us.

A weekly masterclass focuses on a different digital marketing topic(facebook ads, email marketing automation, video animation, SEO, PPC etc..)

Access to a Private Facebook Group where we will be sharing business and marketing tips, tasks to implement, loads of actionable resources, live interviews and much more.

Access to a community of business owners to support each other. (VIP community)

Weekly tasks focused on the main topic for you to implement, and supervise for us and out team of specialists. 

Access to our library of  files, templates, and other resources that you can use in your business, which is going to make a positive impact and save you time and hassle.



Great question. 

We guarantee a return on your investment.

Our clients results are our guarantee of success.

For that reason, we have to ensure that we are collectively the right fit for each other.

We don’t work with non action taker. as they won’t achieve anything even with the best strategies and support I have to offer.

For the right person, results are guaranteed.

Are you an action taker?


WHAT some clients said ABOUT US

Since I hired Toni Navarro SEO and Digital Marketing Services, he has managed to optimise our website really well for Google and the users, and as a result, it´s been generating more quality traffic, and more importantly, it has brought more online bookings to our Matrix physiotherapy clinic every month and growing.

Ryszard Buk
CEO of Matrix Physiotherapy

Toni Navarro has been huge support helping with SEO services and Page Speed and the quality of the content implementing a very effective content marketing strategy. He´s very helpful and always go above and beyond to help me drive more clients to my business. I am delighted with his services and I totally would recommend to any business in Manchester.

Ray Ho
CEO of Mysportsinjury Clinic

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