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What some of my clients said about us:


Ryszard Buk

CEO of Matrix Physiotherapy

Since I hired Toni Navarro SEO and Digital Marketing Services, he has managed to optimise our website really well for Google and the users, and as a result, it´s been generating more quality traffic, and more importantly, it has brought more online bookings to our Matrix physiotherapy clinic.



CEO of Galiwonders

It is a real pleasure to work with Toni. He and his team have helped us with great professionalism and diligence in our digital marketing strategy. . There are very few professionals who go beyond what the client asks, and get involved trying to offer constant improvements. Toni is one of them, so I would recommend it to any company that seeks to develop in the digital environment.

Michal Wisniewski

CEO de Flock

Toni and I worked together at the beginning of Flock´s journey. He helped us to improve our online presence and supported us with lead generation using digital marketing. Toni has always been hard-working and easy to work with, and I would highly recommend working with him.

Client testimonial by Stephen Mallion from Step by Step Recovery


of Step by Step Recovery

In a difficult world of marketing ,where everyone sounds the same and promises the world. We found Toni and his team to be understanding of our needs and was able to deliver solutions that were a cut above what we’d heard so far.. His communication regarding the various stages of the campaign was/is faultless. I recommend his service.

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Hi there, It's Toni Navarro here

Digital Marketing Consultant, specialised in SEO & SEM

My mission is helping business owners like you improve their online visibility and to get the most out of their websites, by attract your ideal customers and converting them into customers.

I also run in person and online SEO and PPC trainings to companies and professionals on different areas of digital marketing, always from my company Toni Navarro Consulting.

If I had to define myself in 3 words they would be: honesty, dedication and strategy.

Toni SEO Workshop

Successful Cases

Real examples of clients I have worked with

When Riz came to us, his main challenge was to drive traffic to a completely new website.

They had an amazing new good looking and designed website which needed traffic and booking through it, so they could grow and scale their business and open more locations in Greater Manchester.

Since the beginning they were patience, understanding that running and effective SEO strategy would take.

When Patricia and Angel came to us, they were faced with a big challenge, as their business had been really affected by the Covid virus situation.

So their main objective was to reactivate the campsite in a summer season of 2021 that was posed with many challenges, including high competition from the sector, and restrictions with Covid, as well as a lot of uncertainty from customers travelling with family holidays.

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