Training in Digital Marketing for Companies

Do you want to learn the most powerful marketing strategies to grow your business online?

Did you know that more than 45% of companies do not have a defined digital marketing strategy, and because of this, they end up wasting their budget.

If you are here it is because you need help with your strategy.

Let me tell you about Ray's story:

When Ray came to me, he was working for a physiotherapy clinic in Manchester as a physio, but his vision was to set up his own clinic.

He had an idea in mind, but he didn’t have a clear strategy, and he didn’t know how to implement it.

What was stopping him?

He knew that Digital Marketing was going to be key to launch his business, and position it to start getting clients on his own.

But he needed a consultant like me to guide him along the way and train him in the necessary areas, as he was a bit lost and didn’t dare to start the business.

But what was the problem?

The main problem was one of mentality, many entrepreneurs have a mental block that prevents them from taking the step, and if you add to that the lack of knowledge in the necessary areas of Marketing, it is a guaranteed failure.

They have already gone through my consultancy and they can tell you this...

Are you willing to do something to change things?

While you’re fumbling around, or trying strategies that don’t work, your competitors are gaining ground on you.

The world is moving at breakneck speed, and Digital Marketing is evolving super fast.

Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing Plan

How to set up an Effective Digital Marketing Plan for your business

Strategies for lead generation and online sales

Training focused on helping you to get more leads if you are a small business

Personalised Mentoring

Marketing and Business Consulting

Online Course for Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing course for entrepreneurs, where you can learn at your own pace, but always with follow-up and support in group sessions.
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