Google adwords Campaign & Management & Optimisation

Are you tired of investing your budget in campaigns that don’t bring you the results you’re looking for?

Do you want to get sales on Google without having to rely on organic traffic?

Don't worry anymore, because you've come to the right place, I'm going to help you sell more online with effective campaigns on Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Stop for a moment to think, and tell me if any of the following situations sound familiar to you.

But you still don’t get the expected results and you’ve found yourself wasting your budget on ads that don’t work…

The competition in Google Ads is getting stronger and stronger, and to stand out you need to have a very good knowledge of how to set up and optimise your campaigns, in order to optimise your budget and get more sales.

Managing campaigns on Google or Bing is not easy, they are set up in a short time, but you need to have a strategy to drive sales and ROI, and follow a process that includes: competitor analysis, strategy, market analysis, ads design and measurement.

How can we help you optimise your Google campaigns?

We will follow the same methodology and process that we do with all of our clients, which is:


We analyse the initial situation, the market, searches, keywords, competition, your business objectives and what focus and segmentation we are going to give to your campaigns and ads.


Strategy approach, ad group and recommendation of when to invest in order to achieve results, with estimates based on


We analyse your website to see if it is optimised for your campaigns, and create specific landing pages for each of your campaigns.

Ad design

We propose campaigns, types of ads, keywords,…we present them to you so that you can approve them, and we can set up the complete campaign.


We will install Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to measure and monitor your campaigns in order to present you the results and propose improvements and optimisations.


We will keep you informed of the results and KPI’s of your campaigns, the ones which are relevant for your business, using customised reports with Google Data Studio.


I´m Toni Navarro,

Digital Marketing Consultant specialised in SEM and SEO, and certified in Google Ads, with more than 7 years getting results for my clients.

I help clients like you who are struggling to get good results with their Google campaigns, using proven strategies and always focused on optimising your budget to drive the best ROI.

What will you achieve by working with me?

Live more relaxed and with less stress.

Increase quality traffic and sales.

Have more time to work on your business

The process contains different parts:

Keyword research, competition analysis, setting up ad structure, ad group, targeting, campaign type, creating ad copy, and a lot of other optimisations to be implemented.

All on the basis of a strategy adjusted to your objectives and business.

Of course you can, but you will end up making mistakes that will affect your brand and business, as well as you will be wasting your budget.

Some of the most common mistakes are:

  • Serving your campaigns in the wrong places.
  • Using keywords that are not relevant to your business.
  • A low Google quality score due to a lack of optimisation of your ads.

The main ingredient is strategy, without it your ads will not work.

Then your other ingredients are:

Keywords, Google SERP Analysis, your competition, optimised ads with a powerful offer or claim for your ideal customer and according to what your company offers, and a highly optimised landing page focused on conversions.

100% Yes.

If you work well with strategy and well optimised ads, your campaigns will work, otherwise, you will end up wasting your budget.

Well, it depends, here I can’t give you an exact cost, as it will depend on what keywords you are going to target in your ad strategy, and the competition.

What I can explain is how it works and how to pay, Google has a bidding system, and what you have to look at is the CPC (cost per click) because you are only going to pay when a user clicks on your ad.

And that CPC will depend on different variables such as competition, keywords, quality score, etc. so I recommend you to get professional advice so you don’t pay more than you should.

What you need to advertise on Google is a Google Adwords account, a defined strategy, a product or service offer, a clear idea of what keywords you are going to target in your ads, clear and defined objectives of what you want to achieve, and the budget you want to invest per day per total campaign.
How can we help you?

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