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Don't worry as, this happens to the majority of businesses, things can get pretty hard online as there is so much competition, and what you really need is help and guidance on how to beat them.

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The main pillars of an effective SEO Strategy

SEO Audit

I will analyse your website to identify all the errors to fix and factors to optimise to start improving your rankings on google.

Keyword Research

I will carry out deep keyword analysis, based on users search intent, to then outline and define your full SEO and content strategy.

Link Building

Use different strategies to earn the best links to your website. Always in a natural way, to grow your authority and improve rankings.

Indexing/ Crawling

It is key to show Google only those pages you want to rank, to make the most effective use of your crawl budget.

SEO Onpage

Implementing SEO implementations on your website is crucial for your website to rank and to avoid being penalised by Google in one of their main algorithm updates.


Your website must be optimised for a great user experience.

We will take into account the page load speed, and the new Google Core Web Vitals, as they are an important SEO factor.

Local SEO

Helps you to position your website for local searches. If you have a local business, it will help you to get more sales within your area.

SEO Analytics

If you don’t analyse, you don’t improve.

This part is key to improving the strategy and making it effective.

This is my SEO process:

SEO Audit & Road Map

As an SEO consultant based in Manchester, I will analyse every technical aspect of your site to identify the errors that are not allowing you to improve your rankings on Google, as well as we will analyse the SERPs and your competition, to put together a full SEO Audit & Strategy with an implementation plan for growth.

In order to improve your business online visibility , after the audit, we will present you with an onpage SEO implementations plan. We will implement all the necessary SEO strategies so that your website appears in the top positions of Google for the most profitable and relevant keywords of your business

On page &
Technical SEO

Content Strategy

A good content strategy will help you drive quality traffic when your customer is searching for keywords related to your product or services.

It is important that you invest in a powerful content strategy, which will give you many benefits and results in the medium long term.

Defining a strategy to get quality links will be a key part of working on the SEO strategy for your business.

Off page strategies are all strategies that are carried out to improve the authority of your website.

With more authority, you will be able to position keywords that have more competition and improve your rankings.

Off Page Strategies / Link building


What some of my SEO clients said about me

Why you should be working with us?

Because we have been helping businesses like yours  to generate leads and sales online since 2014, implementing the best SEO & Digital Marketing Strategies.

We always work with a personalised approach on each project, analysing the data in detail, and taking into account the objectives they  to achieve with their business, always focusing on improving their ROI.

In recent years, we have worked with companies in the following sectors: health, financial, services, e-commerce and travel.

This gives us a broad vision and a great expertise that can be utilised in any project, regardless of the sector.
We are based in Manchester, but we have an office in Alicante, and we work manages international projects, working remotely with Portugal, US, Spain and UK among others.

Have a look at one of our Healthcare SEO studies and how we help Matrix Physio to grow in online bookings.

When Riz came to us, his main challenge was to drive traffic to a completely new website.

They had well designed website which wasn’t getting any organic traffic, so they needed our help.

So we helped them grow in sales through online booking by running an effective SEO strategy.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it combines all the actions and strategies that are implemented to improve your website rankings on  search engines like Google and Bing.

Every day millions of searches are carried out on Google, and among these searches, many are from your potential customers looking for your services, or for information related to the services or solutions you offer.

So, if you don’t appear in the first positions of Google or at least in the first page, you are losing business that is going to your competitors.

In addition, the first positions are the ones that get the highest percentage of quality traffic, which is the one that converts.

The Onpage, are the optimisations that are made on your page: architecture, content, code, and others.

And the Offpage, are the actions that are carried out outside your site, such as links, and other actions to increase the authority of your website.

SEO is done in different phases:

It starts with a complete audit, followed by Onpage implementations, and then combining Offpage SEO strategies, content, Local SEO, always depending on your business, objectives, resources, etc.

Unfortunately I can’t answer this question, as it will depend on many factors, and how you approach and implement your strategy.

What I can tell you is that the sooner you start investing in SEO, the less time it will take to position your website.

SEO is like a marathon, as it requires continuous work month after month, you can’t work on it for a while and then stop. If you really want to get good qualified traffic that converts, you must work to grow and stay in the top positions.

Keep in mind that Google changes its rules, and releases several updates every year, so if you are not up to date, you are taking a massive risk, and you could loss all the word you’ve done previously.

It will depend on the type of website, the size of the project, the work that needs to be done.
A corporate website of 15 or 20 pages is not the same as an e-commerce website that sells 500 or 1000 products.

If I tell you, don’t trust when someone offers you SEO for 100 or 200 euros per month.
A good SEO consultant, who is going to do a professional job, is going to dedicate many hours of analysis, implementations, consulting, etc… and the minimum budget should be between 500 and 1000 euros per month, from there upwards

Yes of course, we are based in Manchester and Alicante, Spain, but we work remotely with clients from many different cities around the world.

Due to the nature of our work, we don’t need to be in your city, and we can have virtual meetings, and work using project management tools such as Asana, Trello, Slack and Google Drive

Toni Navarro SEO consultant based in Manchester

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